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pmpd library Universal Binary
pmpd is a collection of object for pd / max. These objects provide real-time simulations, specially physical behaviors. pmpd can be used to create natural dynamic systems, like a bouncing ball, string movement, Brownian movement, chaos, fluid dynamics, sand, gravitation, and more. It can also be used to create displacements thus allowing a completely dynamic approach of pd computing.
download PMPD UB library (sources included) : PMPD_UB (2007/03/23)

mc.pmpd is a set of abstractions built around the pmpd library.
They are made to facilitate dynamic creation and control of pmpd masses, links and interactors.
mc.pmpd requires Max 4.5
download Mc.pmpd library : mc.PMPD_1.02 (2007/07/28)

MaxChat Client is a chat max patch. You can connect to a MaxChat server over LAN or internet, and chat with other connected users.
(if you're not directly connected to internet (behind a firewall or a router) you will need to route UDP port 7778 to your computer - please read doc in the patch)

MaxChat requires Max 4.5
download MaxChat Client patch : MaxChat client v1.0 beta 4 (2006/03/10)
what's new in beta 4 :
- now you can get the list of available servers by clicking th "get_server_list" button. Choose a server in the list, or enter manualy a server IP address.
- added : you can now select a line in the chat window to copy / paste text.

MaxChat Server
you can now create your own MaxChat server.
When you create a server, it's registered automaticaly in my main server, so client can get the list of all available servers.
UDP port 7777 must be openned to create a server.
Server can be used in a LAN too. Just use local IP address.
download MaxChat Server patch : MaxChat server v1.0 beta 1 (2006/03/10)


max-look-up is a Search tool ; it allows you to search for objects, keywords, etc... within max. Max-look-up will starts your internet browser to show you the results of your search.
For a convenient use, put this patch in your patches/extras folder.
max-look-up requires Max 4.5
download Max-look-up patch : max-look-up (2006/03/10)
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